Campground Policies


The following Policies have been chosen for your enjoyment of the pleasant atmosphere in the Park!

RV / TENT / SHACK – CHECK-IN:  1:00pm Mountain Time


We cannot accommodate early check-ins!

CHECK-OUT:  11:00am Mountain Time

We do not allow late check-out!

Late check-outs will be charged the equivalent of an additional day’s rate! If failure to vacate your site interferes with the check-in of another guest at that site, you will be charged the additional day rate and a $100.00 penalty fee. Please plan your departure time accordingly – thank you!


DEPOSIT = First Night Stay + 6.8% TAX + $2.00 online non-refundable fee (if applicable). Note, your First Night Rate is the highest nightly rate when booking multiple seasonal rates. Please carefully read our Cancellation Policy.


  • MEMORIAL DAY: May 20 – 25
  • JULY 4TH:  July 1 – 5
  • LABOR DAY:  September 3 – 7

Any reservation booking exceeding a two-week continuous stay requires 50% payment at time of booking and is non-refundable.

NO WOOD BURNING FIRES ALLOWED AT ANY TIME. Propane fire pits are allowed and are available for rent for a small nightly fee.

ONE TYPE OF CAMPING EQUIPMENT PER SITE + TOW VEHICLE. Extra vehicles and/or tow trailers must be approved by office management prior to arrival and will incur a $5.00 per night fee. Extra equipment will not be allowed to be parked at your site and will be kept in a designated storage area. No extra vehicles permitted during holiday bookings.

All RV/Tent sites are allowed 6 persons per site. Rates for sites are based on double occupancy. Additional persons per site, ages 5 and above, are $5.00/night per person.

Shacks sleep 4 persons and rate is based on double occupancy (2 persons). Additional persons (any age) are $5.00/night per person.

Lodges and Creekside Cabins sleep 6 persons and rates are based on double occupancy. Additional persons (any age) are $10.00/night per person.

NO SMOKING AND NO PETS ARE ALLOWED IN Lodges. The Creekside Cabins and Tiny Home for Two are non-smoking and pet friendly. There is a refundable deposit of $150.00 plus pet fee of $35.00/night per pet. Limit 2 pets. Smoking and pets in non-designated areas will result in a fee and you will be asked to leave with no refund.

There is a maximum of 2 pets per site. ALL PETS MUST BE ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES, except in dog park. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME. Please be courteous of fellow campers and their sites and pickup after your pet at all times.

NON-REGISTERED GUESTS ARE CONSIDERED A VISITOR. All visitors are required to check-in at office upon arrival, pay visitor fee, and obtain a car tag. All visitors are required to park at office or in a designated parking area.

Lightner Creek is a beautiful, serene, SEASONAL creek which winds through our park. Water in the creek depends on Mother Nature. Site rate remains the same whether there is water in the creek or not.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel your reservations before the arrival day. On the morning of your arrival day, your credit card is automatically charged and is non-refundable. Cancellations require a 30-day advanced notice regardless of length of stay. If reservations are not cancelled according to the above specified time, your DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED and online booking fee, if applicable.

Deposits for RV & Tent Sites and Shacks will be refunded less the $15.00 process fee and $2.00 online booking fee, if applicable, when proper notification is given.

Deposits for Lodges and Creekside Cabins will be refunded less the $75.00 processing fee and $2.00 online booking fee, if applicable, when proper notification is given.

Changing Dates

If you would like to change dates or drop days from your original reservation, please refer to the cancellation time frame for notices to be given to the office. All changes will be made, based on availability, free of charge, given proper notice. Adding days to your reservation will be accommodated based upon availability, free of charge. We charge $5.00/night for days dropped from a reservation when changes are made within the 30 day period prior to arrival; we highly advise making changes as early as possible to avoid additional fees.

Park Policies

RV REQUIREMENTS: All RVs must be owner occupied; RVIA approved, self-contained, clean, well maintained, and have a 3″ sewage hookup. Sewer connections must be sealed and the sewer line bridged to comply with La Plata County health regulations.

RV Sites:

  • Maximum of one (1) RV and one two vehicle per site.
  • RV, vehicles, etc., on site must be owned, insured and registered in the office by the guest of that space. Proof of ownership may be required. You will be required to park trailers and other vehicles in an assigned site, not at the RV site.
  • Sites should be kept clean and neat. No food is to be left outside due to attracting bears and other wildlife.
  • Picnic tables are provided. Please do NOT place BBQs directly on the picnic tables.
  • Clotheslines and hammocks are prohibited.


  • Please keep in mind there is NO parking in the street.
  • There is a limited number of overflow parking spaces available in the park.
  • Charges apply at $5.00/night, per vehicle, for all additional vehicles and when overflow parking is utilized.
  • Overflow parking is very limited and based on availability. Please let the office know PRIOR to your arrival if you will be needing overflow parking to make sure we have space to accommodate your extra vehicles, car dollies, hauler trailers, etc. No extra vehicles permitted during holiday bookings.


  • No more than six (6) persons, inclusive of visitors, will be registered per site. No one may sleep outdoors or in vehicles on an RV site that has an RV on it. All persons staying on a site must be registered by name with the front desk and a fee paid, if applicable.
  • Any activity that signifies residency, such as, but not limited to, working in town, enrolling in local schools or year-round occupancy will result in the termination of your stay. For further clarification of uses, please see the Park General Manager.


  • Children should have adult supervision. Parents are fully liable and responsible for the acts and conduct of their children. The Park has a 10:00pm curfew for anyone less than 18 years of age. After 10:00pm persons under 18 years of age must return to their site, unless accompanied by their parents.

Who is a Registered Guest?

  • The named adults listed on a Reservation Confirmation and their household minor children (under age 18, or under age 22 for college students). You must be 21 years of age to reserve a site.

Who is a Visitor?

  • Adult children, grandchildren, other relatives and friends require registration as visitors. If visitors of yours are fund to be unregistered on your site or in the Park, fees will be applied to your account of double the regular visitor fees and can be grounds for termination of your rental agreement.

Visitor Policy:

  • It is necessary to register ALL visitors by calling the Front Office at 970.247.5406 or visiting the office to obtain visitor passes for all visitors during office hours.
  • Visitors may not bring: PETS, unlicensed OHVs, ATVs, or GOLF CARTS.
  • Visitors that are not registered will be asked to register with the office immediately or leave the Park.
  • Please keep in mind there is a limit of 6 persons registered to a site or cabin, at any time, inclusive of visitors.
  • All Guests entertaining visitors at the Park shall be responsible for their conduct while on the Park premises and shall be responsible for damages or incidents incurred by their visitors.
  • If you will have 6 registered guests plus visitors in your party, please find a gathering place at one of our beautiful city parks in town or another venue. Our Park is small and we like to keep all the sites and our guests comfortable.
  • Any guest not adhering to this Visitor Policy will lose all visitor privileges within the Park. All passes will be issued at the Park’s discretion. The 5mph speed limit and other policies in Lightner Creek Campground’s Policy apply to visitors.
  • Visitor Passes are available and can be obtained during office hours. There is a $5.00/day per person fee in addition to any additional vehicle fees.
  • Visitor Passes are NOT available during the holidays of Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day Weekend.
  • All passes will be available at the office upon the arrival of your visitor. These passes can be issued for one day at a time at the cost of $5.00/day per person. A Pass is required if your visitors intend to use the Park facilities, such as pools, showers, or planned activities, etc.

No Wood Burning Fires:

  • Campfires are NOT allowed at any time. No Tiki or fuel torches are allowed. Propane fire pits/grills are allowed, and must not be left unattended. Charcoal burners, fixed or portable barbecues and other open-flame devices (propane fire tables or pits) shall not be operated on cabin decks or picnic tables. At any time additional fire restrictions may be imposed.

Quiet Hours:

  • 10pm to 8am. During these hours loud music, loud conversation, or any other activity that may disturb other guests is not allowed. Please do not expose your neighbors to excessive or offensive noise at any time. Inability to comply with our quiet hours may result in eviction.
  • No generators allowed at any time.


  • No open alcoholic beverages  inside/outside the Front Office, laundry rooms, bath houses.
  • Excessive use of alcoholic beverages or consumption by those under age 21 is prohibited. Colorado laws, including those prohibiting open alcohol containers and driving under the influence, apply to all operators of ALL motorized vehicles within the Park.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any building or within 20′ of a building entry/exit door, per Colorado law. Please do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground; anyone caught littering may be asked to leave without refund.


  • To promote security within the Park, all guests and visitors are required to display car passes issued by our Front Desk. No soliciting is allowed in the Park.


  • The Park can fill propane bottles brought up to the office during scheduled hours. We are not able to fill Motorhomes. You must be able to remove your propane bottle and bring it to the office to be filled.

Firearms / Fireworks / Fires:

  • No firearms or lethal weapons of any kind are permitted on Park property. ALL TYPES OF FIREWORKS ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. Slingshots are not permitted in the Park at any time.

Vegetation & Wildlife:

  • Vegetation may not be pruned or cut. Feeding of wildlife, including birds, is prohibited. (Hummingbirds and Bird Feeders are okay!)

RV and Other Vehicle Washing:

  • RV & and any other vehicle washing is prohibited.

Outdoor Trash Containers are not Permitted:

  • Due to wind, weather, birds, insects and animals, please use plastic garbage bags with ties to minimize odors and insects. Trash must be removed from the site and taken to the trash dumpster. Please do not leave food or trash around the Park, as these attract bears, skunks and other critters!
  • Littering of any kind, including cigarette butts and pet waste, on the Park premises will not be tolerated and guest may be asked to leave without refund!

On Wheels:

  • The speed limit within the Park is 5mph. All operators of motor vehicles must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid drivers license. Drivers 18 years or younger must provide the Front Desk with a copy of their driver license. All Motor Vehicles must be in good operating condition and carry liability insurance.


  • Lightner Creek Campground is private property. Management reserves the right to control the use of all Park facilities as to hours, purpose and conduct. We provide ourselves on very clean facilities. Please let us know if any of the facilities require attention.

Swimming Pool:

  • The rules posted in the pool area are for your safety and must be observed. No glass containers permitted. A responsible adult must accompany children under 12 years of age. There is no diving, any head first jumping in the pool, running at any time. If you, your family, or guests do not abide by these guidelines, you will be prohibited from using the swimming pool. Pets are not allowed in the pool or pool area. Please to not leave your pet tied up outside and barking at your site while you’re at the pool. There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.

Restrooms, Showers and Laundry Room:

  • Please refer to the map for hours of operation.

Pet Policy & Agreement:

  • You may have up to two pets in the Park.
  • Any dogs exhibiting aggressive  behavior are not permitted in the Park. Please be aware that any visitors you have may not bring their pets.
  • Pets are not permitted in the Lodges.
  • Your pet must be on a leash always, unless in the Pet Park. Pets are NEVER, at any time, to be left unattended in the Pet Park.
  • For the respect of other guests’ pets are not permitted in the Playground or in the WiFi hot spot area. Pets are not permitted inside buildings or in the pool area.
  • Solid waste must be picked up and disposed of immediately.
  • Please keep pets off your neighbor’s sites. Do not let your pet relieve themselves on your neighbors’ site.
  • Your pets should not be left outside unattended, at any time. Barking must be controlled to avoid disturbing others. If your pet is barking in your RV and left unattended, you will be asked to return to the Park immediately and take care of your pet. Please keep your pet inside your RV after dark.
  • You may not tie up your pet up to trees or our utilities. If you do tie your pet up outside, your tie up must be kept in your site and within 6′ of your RV or tent. If your pet is acting viciously and/or barking when other guests or pets walk by, you. must immediately remove your pet and put him/her inside your RV, tent, or vehicle.


  • Guests agree to release and forever discharge the Lightner Creek Campground insurance carriers, agents, servants, successors and assigns, herein after the “Released Party”, from any claims, demands, actions, causes of action and liability whatsoever, in any manner arising or to arise out of, said Released Party’s decision to provide facilities and services to guests. Guests acknowledge that the Released Party in no way can guarantee that acts of vandalism, theft, fire or other damage will not occur. Further, guests agree to specificallly indemnify and hold harmless the Released Party for all injuries and personal property damage that arise at the Park even though same may have resulted from the comparative, joint, concurring or contributory act, omission, fault or negligence, whether passive or active, of the Park or any agents thereof.
  • The Park Management reserves the right to amend, revise and add to the Park Policy at any time.